Drapetomania [Preview]

by Drapetomania

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G.P.: Praise God and pass the ammunition I'm makin cuts and layin tracks like black beauticians Prhyme Rhyme told your boy to keep it Suade So I keep a blind eye to you underneath the shades I wrote this on the West Side: North Maple, West Side Everyday, 12A, AATA, let's ride Milosh got the Loud downtown, that's the best buy I don't smoke like that, but if I did it'd leave my chest fried Like these fly birds I observe: Legs Breasts Thighs We can crash, when I give that ass a test drive Black boys bussin verses White girls clutchin purses Bitches lacin DMT with skag got you fuckin nervous Fuck the Heat dude, I be hatin Bron won the title but his hairline still be Ossie Davis Rest in Peace to Pogo, finger fuck the Po-po The Black Man is God like Yaphet Kotto in a polo Hook: And he ain't crazy, he just PASSIONATE Drapetomania wit D&D its so immaculate Smack the ass of the establishment Throw em off balance then hit the gas wit the baddest chick Cuz she ain't crazy, she just PASSIONATE And we ain't crazy we just PASSIONATE Tell them motherfuckers play in traffic if they mad at it Cuz I ain't come for practice, bitch I'm gunnin for the championship Walt: They see me out And they know what I'm about Ingham County's in the house All these shows, they stay booked Women wanna Bang, wanna meet me on the Facebook I'm gettin old I'm not swagged out Used to be Dad spazzin out, takin trash out Now I'm cashed out, drink the Guinness black stoute Educate rappers and let the class out Slide in the whip, then I go to Zach's house Watch the Broncos (aka the Jets) Tebow's wack, wow I got some new shit comin in like teethin Women from Sweden, I love to watch em leavin This evening, General P &... Me plottin on eatin till we stop breathin If I ever hear you say Walt's decent Prolly bought your jewelry at the mall, prolly called Skeezits Hook
Walt: Let me have your attention Graduated in '06, still got detention Retention, of my foot in your anus Is what you can expect if you book and don't pay us Next statement, is some Fuckboys hatin So uh...lemme explain the arrangement Said I'm ass-backwards, Backpacker & Hipster That's why I'm runnin laps and clap traps at your sister Congnac, grass and a fat package of Swishers Trash rappers Kool-aid glass smashin the picture See? That shit wasn't even hard Wrote that shit drunk as fuck, playin Mario Kart I'm fucked up, waiting for the party to start Like, "Which one of these girls gon' throw a dart at my heart?" Yeah...with that overshare And uh I kinda like uh, that one over there G.P.: Correctumundo Kick it like Judo, drop it like Sumo Ladies try to throw me culo like my last name was Buttafuaco My loose lips sink ships shootin scud missiles Make these haters' blood sizzle as I do my thug thizzle Funk pistol, Bop gun, cock it on a grassy knoll Point blank, head shot, stop, pop, drop & roll This game's a rerun, I stopped and made a cameo Cracked my head open, saw green like pistachios In 5th grade, I talked shit and did the Dirty Bird When I'm 64, I'll prolly have a stroke and slur my words Kick these old heads to the curb for sanitation workers Reminisce all you fuckin want, you can't escape the merger From Ypsilanti to Dansville, forEverest-ing on these Catskills Door to door, passin handbills I met Rick Snyder at his crib for civilized discussions Runnin interference while his daughter's fuckin Walter Lucken


Drapetomania is a collaboration between G.P. of Tree City and Walter Lucken.

It simply is...


released August 20, 2013

Track 1 produced by Dre Skeez
Track 2 produced by Blaine Nash


all rights reserved



Branch Out Collective Ann Arbor, Michigan

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