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Walt: It's no secret that Walter is damaged I watched my peers kneel down at the altar of Mammon Emotions often mismanaged Cuz I stay drunk, awkward and candid I might be the most lost of the lambs Because I felt more than thought can withstand, but God became Man... Felt the same pain Universe rearranged so I can be OK, I might be crazy Cuz at lunch today I felt that which made me I almost got committed last weekend To evaluate if I was off deep end And ______________________ _________________________________ My mom's really scared for me / scared of me What I'd do to me without therapy And I ain't................trapped in the world I'm tryin to get back to the world cuz this pain made cracks in the world I wanna go back where my friends are That's why I drink so fuckin much But I'ma be alright when it gets hard Cuz to keep on in this life, I need one above (one above) GP: Blind Faith ain't new to me My folks nurse scars, countin down till Jubilee Usually the cruelty's a given I take it like I dish it, hopin soon to be forgiven You can see the prison at large If you stick around long enough, it isn't that hard Patrol Cars, slow to a creep on a safari Snatchin niggas up while others get seduced by the Army I'm runnin out of things to say sooner In conversations that I'm not conductin on computers It's _____________________________________ ____________________________________________ Find myself starin off into space Work ethic gets often replaced with distraction So yes, I'm depressed but fed While overseas i'd be left for dead To see a famine claim lives puts things in perspective And all I really seek is connection, plus some peaceful protection From my own self-sabotage Burdened with a sense of worthlessness...I try to camouflage I can't escape without making a sacrifice Maybe things will even in the afterlife But I'll suffer this illness until I'm dead & gone Control is remote, fuck it what else is on
Walt: I'm in Ypsilanti Smokin Afghani Keep big checks in the mail like ____ Stan Lee You wanna know what runs in my family? Everyone from the cops, dog. Unhand me. Got a couple L's but I beat em in court Prick-ass cop, laughin when I read the report Thought that he could even the score Now he like 'Big Walt's too evil, ABORT" I laugh gleeful & snort..... ...........Dumbass Your slut mother put cunt rags in your lunch bag Had me in the Facebook pic, I had to untag Everybody's lady know Hunchback Let you get up on the mic, naw sike, Run That Get the party hype, you are the retarded type Thinkin that these fuckboys eatin and we starve tonight GP: 10-4 Paces, Backpacin Oh, you sick with the spit? My dick is the vaccination Black Chameleon, creepin on a come-up In the land where it's 10% Talent, 90 Dumb-Luck I treat the bus like my limousine services Round-trip tickets for cats with mental disturbances ...But I digress, eat rappers & digest Widescreen my rhyme scheme to make your mind stretch I'm in this for the love and sense of leadership Especially since it beats yellin out "Fire!" in Madea flicks And if the beat's legit, I'll have the streets convinced that I'm a genius Even if that label's fucking meaningless Liable to be maniacal, but never nihilistic So turn the lights low while you listenin Recline in your seat and vibe to the beat While I walk this tightrope and catch knives in my teeth
GP: One time for the One Time 3 Strikes for the ex-con still spitting gun rhymes I stay Based on the Front Line Without a plan of attack so I kick back and unwind Watching the sunshine through the holes in the roof of the Terrordome Better known as my second home I tried to write a verse deep and political, but I got bored So that topic's better off left alone Like paying fees on a land-line telephone Stare at the ballot all I'm seeing is a pair of clones The smell of slacking got me gone off the pheromones So would you care to bone and boost each other's Seroton'? Long days Longer nights And what I'm seeing's blurring up my views of wrong and right This city is a sinkhole, I'm crawling towards the light Watching former classmates taking hits off the pipe CHORUS When I look to the sky I ask how crooked am I In the truth, I look for the lie So will I be cooked when I die? Walt: To the birds in my art, the world is a dart Dick stay wet but a virgin at heart On the streets of Ann Arbor, demand pardon I'm sorry, I'm from where your plants darken Yo, skies grey in the summer Game kept calling, changing my number GP, I'm out I'll be back in a flash I'm grabbing Cognac and a bag of the grass My friends sell _________ Mad hazardous cash, pack mattress and bag I don't hassle with that, that's back in the past But the blood won't wash from my hands From when I sold drugs to a man Who later went to a program And I said "Stay Gold, kid. I caked off your pain, I ain't shit." CHORUS GP: Riots in the streets, stocks bulemic Defiance is the key but the lock is secret Cops aim at your back when they cock & squeeze it Have you, quadrapalegic on a Posturepedic My guys get Bridge cards and stop believing in a better life Satisfied with decent Long as they on a cot in a box in the precinct Call that shit a come-up getting strung up by weak links Walt: I quit my job I'm a loser I have no future, there IS no future Blood seeps through the planet's sutures I'm sharing cigarrettes with crack abusers Take me out a little quicker, sipping liquor Palm read, gypsy give a bitter picture Everything burns down, bones hollow For the love of today they took your tomorrow CHORUS
Walt: Yo it's W-A-L-T the E-R But these rappers are way more paid than we are They ain't in the bar, pulling skeezars Off a Lee Card, ______ going full retard Gotta stop eating these freaks sweet parts I'ma get that jaw HPV like Roger Ebart You and W-I-F-E are di-vorced She's a star on the Big Walt version of "Cheaters" Girls breathe hard, I step out the car Fucking sweet parts since Cousin Skeeter If you go to Michigan State You can see me getting lifted and I'm lifting some weights Politicking with this chicken about Finnegan's Wake Cuz I'm trying to put this dick in her face (Ugh) I make it glassy clear I'll leave a porch light on for your rap career, bitch Blackberry Aries: My whole style is premeditated homicide I'm finna kill this beat in the summertime Looking back on when I say that, I never hesitated And the stakes were elevated when I added Yellow #5 The haters levitated when AnomaLEE authorized the sanction And so I thank him as I analyze myself and the runners of this rat race Who sack chase They only know how to simply and act fake in the face of real talent It's easy to see your off balance and you lack taste I choose to fortify while you lactate in your cereal You fucking with a serial killer With imperial status, that of a spiritual assassin I'm laughing at how you reiterate, all you do is irritate So now I gotta reciprocate With some 16 that can keep your eyes up Hip Hop is dried up, and its time for me to irrigate Clavius: I be the Cheeba-Chimney White Man, African necklace With a slight tan, eating fried rappers for breakfast Seen plenty sights stand in the path of my exit Seems funny knives ask how I laugh, when i'm headless Neck & guillotine, dreaded Philistine: stoned to death Pull the flesh out of my open chest to hold my breath Cough....Silly Putty heads be soft Premature fetuses, crushed into lumpy spaghetti sauce Mufuckas ready to toss vegetables off of a bridge No life support, life is short. Better call up your kids Keep the bond strong While you were analyzing pop songs I popped up, dropped nuts in your mom's bucket of popcorn Stopped short of impregnation, spread cum on her tits So she won't abort another lame son of a bitch What the....fuck is this shit, I'm disrespectful as hell Cannibal Holocaust _____ tortoise intestines and shells The rest of you sell your selves but I ain't buying the hoax ____________________________________________ We shove cassettes inside your throat, spinning like bicycle spokes Rewind remote clickers and listen to you vinyl-ly choke GP: I'm running circles around these square pegs Rocking rare threads, getting Bad Brains from some airheads The latter part of that last line was fake as shit I'm a grown ass man in a relationship The super senior swag surfing at the student center Freshmen yelling at me, "You ain't graduated sooner, nigga?" 2% of you contenders truly making music better As for everybody else, I'll eat your crew for dinner My quota for quotables is high like an overdose on the Holy Ghost Or Jaocby's chances of getting pulled over in Okemos So don't provoke or get your dough revoked Dick game Pinocchio The more that you lie on it, the more it grow Oh fasho Hold the phone Somebody's where they don't belong Better kiss the ring, I'm Godfather Don Corleone Dropping a deuce in your Babj ghanoush Serve it with Wonton Soup & a shot of the Goose The proof is in the Cosby pudding A lot of stupid motherfuckers wanna step inside a booth But they probably shouldn't I separate the wheat from the chaff Like you separate the stems and the seeds from the grass THE WAY OF THE FUTURE
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GP: Catch me temporary whipping in the Zip Car Tacky ass throwing gift-cards in the tip jar It's the thought that counts Why try to front? We share the wealth Like Communists Ending up in rented trucks bumping Fleetwood...... .......Mac-kin on these chickens cuz my speech good I use big words Like "contraception" Get chose off prose Top selection Walt: I'm not really drunk enough To be outside the club trying to clutch stunts My dude knew one She's kinda hot But everybody thirsty, making final shots Hail Marys Trying to grab the last one left, but them broads looking kinda scary No Fern Gully fairies, like I'm Larry... ...Bird, no mouse, fly back to my aviary
Walt: Misfit Toys what I represent Heaven sent, but I'm hell bent with my rhetoric Spent dead presidents on sedatives Poured in rememberence of those who exited Paid dues in cornfields and tenements Negligent parents raised the wrong element Rhyme endless, sometime my mind Oedipus Yelling at the Gods why does the grind render us Fucked in the game, it's crazy right? Suicide's not a problem but a way of life I used to hate my life In my room at my wrist with a blade at night Hate all women except for she who gave me life Insane, I'm trying make it right I chase the light from the darkness of my mind, terrified The underworld's my comfort zone yo, I'm scared to fly Will I, fall down like Icarus? Back to the earth and those I kick it with? Am I littering my thoughts upon the literate? Or is my ignorance keeping me belligerent-ly drunk When I'm at the party and I'm killing shit on the mic? It's Big Walt, I'm legitimate GP: Descendent of the slave & maids who did Daywork A menace on the stage, the aim's to hit pay-dirt And charge it to the game if I gain notoriety For acting like society's norms, don't apply to me In another life I'd be a better man Have a better outlook Follow thorough on better plans For what it's worth, I wouldn't mind living Christ-like But my old ways got a hold on me, Vice tight My demons reinforce belief in God So in a sense, my inner sense can never beat the odds Innocence for irony That's how the trade goes Seemed fine to me Until finally I buckled under pressure from the same old same old OK so, how do I begin again? And not succumb to the same fate as many men? Committed plenty sins, I ain't defending shit Developed a taste for self-destructive living when I'm hitting skin to visit bliss No longer penitent Limitless, time spent, study Proverbs like fine print Bloodshot eyes blur as my mind went for past church services Back to the spot Where my man Sean was showing off the crack in his sock Children of the saints face fate and turn lost souls Long before they make it to the crossroads Clavius: I'm floating in & out of different states of consciousnesses The kid remain anonymous to this degraded populace MANIC wishes for connection have been severed cut STATIC traditions brought the ending of progression, just Stark hatred, we live in dark ages Drive cars wasted, __________ blade tips Inject flesh veins, syringes & pill bottles Lead shreds brains, click biscuits to kill sorrow Dead pres stained with the blood of small children Where the love above is obstructed by tall buildings I came down from the clouds as the night sky wept And my wide eyes met systemized blind threats of the idle I have slept in cycles Bundled under comfy lies left from the rivals Mindless acceptance, praise the dollar all thank him For violence, weapons, bottles, smallpox blankets Today we have fast food, tv's and pharmacies Lazy lamps skewered by the priests in the armory Harm is lethal and it comes without anticipation Scars the people who are numb and out of inspiration 3 of my friends stopped stressing and snuffed it Over 4 years, can't pretend I'm not envious of them Death is what comes when nothing satisfies the hunger Granted by the curse of worthlessness we sanctify our lovers Only discovering the loneliness and disconnection Spill inner organs, this recording is a vivisection
Walt: Let me have your attention Graduated in '06, still got detention Retention, of my foot in your anus Is what you can expect if you book and don't pay us Next statement, is some Fuckboys hatin So uh...lemme explain the arrangement Said I'm ass-backwards, Backpacker & Hipster That's why I'm runnin laps and clap traps at your sister Congnac, grass and a fat package of Swishers Trash rappers Kool-aid glass smashin the picture See? That shit wasn't even hard Wrote that shit drunk as fuck, playin Mario Kart I'm fucked up, waiting for the party to start Like, "Which one of these girls gon' throw a dart at my heart?" Yeah...with that overshare And uh I kinda like uh, that one over there GP: Correctumundo Kick it like Judo, drop it like Sumo Ladies try to throw me culo like my last name was Buttafuaco My loose lips sink ships shootin scud missiles Make these haters' blood sizzle as I do my thug thizzle Funk pistol, Bop gun, cock it on a grassy knoll Point blank, head shot, stop, pop, drop & roll This game's a rerun, I stopped and made a cameo Cracked my head open, saw green like pistachios In 5th grade, I talked shit and did the Dirty Bird When I'm 64, I'll prolly have a stroke and slur my words Kick these old heads to the curb for sanitation workers Reminisce all you fuckin want, you can't escape the merger From Ypsilanti to Dansville, forEverest-ing on these Catskills Door to door, passin handbills I met Rick Snyder at his crib for civilized discussions Runnin interference while his daughter's fuckin Walter Lucken
Walt: Southfield born, Northville raised till I was 2. Seven Mile, only remember the living room 1st Christmas, I got a toy schoolhouse Government cheese, but love I never went without '92, Dad's like "we need a different route" Settled in the Ingham County land with the kid and spouse Deep down, I knew I was of the city Not meant for what the town wanted to give me Never on the same page as the neighbors 5 acres of imagination to play in School problems, won't get into it now But I needed to find my own road to the clouds Age 12 at LCC I found Rap in the computer lab, headphones vibing out Expressed what I saw in the lyrics Knew my environment cuz I was never really in it I noticed that the stories in the songs Were being played out where I lived, I came upon the truth That the same battle lives in the hood As the souls of white trash kids deep in the woods I watched Meth hit the county like Crack Friends moms turn to fiends, they ain't never coming back Meth hit the county like Crack Friends moms turn to fiends, they ain't never coming back CHORUS Northernplayalisticcadillac shit Hands in the sky like you reaching for the last cent I reminisce on decisions I made And those made for me The same stories. GP: Rolling shotgun through my city you can see the stories unfold Former pot of gold got exposed, jobs bought & sold My forefathers chose the Motor City-scape to find a home Riots branded down the divides that white flight condoned I came into this world an Ypsilanti resident Child of the very sin I've wrestled with ever since Nevertheless my parents stuck it out a couple years And even after the divorce, they made it clear the love was near Coming up I had an appetite for books Velvet portraits of the lions at my aunt's had me shook, when I'd visit cousins on the East side of the D Till my mom remarried and we moved there in '93 Stepfather was a cop and got shot before we had a chance to unpack 6 months gone to return back Went to school in the Deuce and formed bonds across color lines Subdivision chilling in the summertime The Clinton era had the middle class stacking bills Soon enough we got that invitation sent from Jack & Jill A breeding ground for the upwardly mobile black elites Where the Talented 10th kids could meet My stint was brief, and all I really learned was code switching Had slang on deck ready for tone switching Junior high I'm eating lunch at the "black table" To this day we still wear the scars of imagined labels Junior high I'm eating lunch at the "black table" To this day we still wear the scars of imagined labels CHROUS
GP: Good morning Y-Town Good morning Ace Deuce Good morning AQ, pray you recuperate soon Strange fruit still swinging from the same noose That ain't new so now it's time for us to make moves Every time I grab a microphone and spit I'm making up for lost time, days thrown in the abyss Pissed World weary in my early 20's Insecure so when girls tempt me, my nerves flimsy Back in 9th grade, I used to fantasize I still do but now I over-anaylze And rap for guys broke as fuck and for too stressed The fear of women got em flocking to the sausage-fest, I guess It all connects to how we're programmed Old associations, all I know to make is slow jams And if a woman don't relate then I'm supposed to hate I swear this shit is rigged, ladies get it how you live CHORUS What I found Is astounding to me Baby this is what we got And we're not Giving Up What I found Feet on ground, yeah you know We on top, got on lock Strong enough, now look up Walt: It's a new day Like many others To rock boat shoes Coat of many colors I don't have any lovers But that's OK I used to bump Cold Vein and blow grapes Now I rotate, to PBR cold case 30 of em, smash em all like post-haste My mom telling me, I need a nice girl Not these girls that like girls and White Girl Ain't a lot of those in my world Maybe I need my horizons to einfurl Unfurl, one curl is 25 But I'm, trying to get that shit to 30 by the wintertime Think I can do it Cuz 50% of any task is a little intent If it's past 8:30 I'm bent But that's OK Every day I get closer to a better way CHORUS
GP: Praise God and pass the ammunition I'm makin cuts and layin tracks like black beauticians Prhyme Rhyme told your boy to keep it Suade So I keep a blind eye to you underneath the shades I wrote this on the West Side: North Maple, West Side Everyday, 12A, AATA, let's ride Milosh got the Loud downtown, that's the best buy I don't smoke like that, but if I did it'd leave my chest fried Like these fly birds I observe: Legs Breasts Thighs We can crash, when I give that ass a test drive Black boys bussin verses White girls clutchin purses Bitches lacin DMT with skag got you fuckin nervous Fuck the Heat dude, I be hatin Bron won the title but his hairline still be Ossie Davis Rest in Peace to Pogo, finger fuck the Po-po The Black Man is God like Yaphet Kotto in a polo CHORUS And he ain't crazy, he just PASSIONATE Drapetomania wit D&D its so immaculate Smack the ass of the establishment Throw em off balance then hit the gas wit the baddest chick Cuz she ain't crazy, she just PASSIONATE And we ain't crazy we just PASSIONATE Tell them motherfuckers play in traffic if they mad at it Cuz I ain't come for practice, bitch I'm gunnin for the championship Walt: They see me out And they know what I'm about Ingham County's in the house All these shows, they stay booked Women wanna Bang, wanna meet me on the Facebook I'm gettin old I'm not swagged out Used to be Dad spazzin out, takin trash out Now I'm cashed out, drink the Guinness black stoute Educate rappers and let the class out Slide in the whip, then I go to Zach's house Watch the Broncos (aka the Jets) Tebow's wack, wow I got some new shit comin in like teethin Women from Sweden, I love to watch em leavin This evening, General P &... Me plottin on eatin till we stop breathin If I ever hear you say Walt's decent Prolly bought your jewelry at the mall, prolly called Skeezits CHORUS


During the summer of 2011, Gen Pop was depressed, uninspired and broke. On a whim, he got together and started doing songs with Big Walt. The songs turned into an album mixing thoughts on suicide, race, drugs, God, and disillusionment with rap in general.

The album included production from David Ether, Professor Megablown, AnomaLEE, Blaine Nash, and Clavius Crates.

Opinions differ greatly on this project. Some love it, some find it abrasive and "unmusical." But it will be out there for all to hear finally.



released April 30, 2013

Professor Megablown - 1, 4, 8, 14
David Ether - 2, 3, 10-12
AnomaLEE - 5 & 7
Clavius Crates - 6
Blaine Nash - 9
Dre $keez - 13

Engineered & Mixed by Clavius Crates
Recorded in The Lands - Summer 2011
Mastered by Scott 'Tenacity' Martin
Album Art by Clavius Crates

Branch Out Collective 2013


all rights reserved



Branch Out Collective Ann Arbor, Michigan

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